Kiwi Strawberry - 12 pack (Pre-Order)
  • Kiwi Strawberry - 12 pack (Pre-Order)


    60 calories in a 12oz can. No food coloring. 150mg of Caffeine.  15g Natural Cane Sugar. There's nothing but GH boost goes this hard! Reserve your case of GoHard Energy Drink. I'm tired is never an excuse. A well balanced formula perfected by nutrition scientists. 


    Ships July 15, 2022

    • GoHard Energy Drink Pre-Order

      GoHard Energy Drink. 'I'm Tired' is never an excuse. Leaving the office late and you're on the way to the gym? Pop a GoHard. You've been on the watch for 12 and have to pull an extra 4? Pop a GoHard. If you are having the gaming night of your life and you don't want something like sleep to get in the way of your personal glory? Pop a GoHard. Fuel Your Ambition. GoHard is the success fuel you've been looking for.

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